Survey Said… Ex-Employees Steal Data

Guy Bunker

We conducted a survey in the US on how many people take data with them when they leave the company… and the answer is 79%. While it is tough to take someone’s memory it’s not so hard to ensure that they are not walking out the door with obvious copies. 82% said that they were not checked when leaving… and a frightening 24% still had access to computer systems even after they had left – with 20% still having access more than a week later.

The other statistic that intrigued me was that of those people who took information, 67% said they used it to get a new job and 68% said they were going to use it in their new position.

It always used to be that executives left with their laptops and companies were not overly worried about some of their proprietary information walking out the door with ex-employees. However, in the current climate, it would no doubt pay dividends to initiate a more formal process to ensure that when an employee leaves, it doesn’t increase the risk of a data leak.

(And on the other side of the coin… it also might pay dividends to the new employer to ensure that inapproprite competitor information information isn’t arriving on their network with a new starter… as the fines for that have been rather large in the past!)


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