The Last Straw?

Guy Bunker

Nigerian 419 scams continue and this time it is a high-profile government official who is the subject of the attack. Of course we have seen these scams before and we will no doubt see them again… you have to wonder if the people who broke into the email account knew who’s it was… if they did, then did they really think that Jack’s friends would believe that Jack would have been left all alone in Africa and in need of money…?!?!

Perhaps more seriously, it is time for people to look at the passwords they use and ensure that those they chose are ‘strong’ rather than weak. So, don’t use spouse, children, pets names, don’t use mother’s maiden names or dates that can be readily found on the Internet. A little bit of thought will go a long way to ensuring that your account is not broken into – and your reputation put at risk.


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