Catching Up With The User…

Guy Bunker

With the news that a couple of Android apps have been pulled as they misrepresented their purpose (they were used as research – duping users into downloading and installing them – to see if people would), it raises an(other) interesting question for IT departments around applications, mobile devices and keeping up with the user.

While companies have been getting stricter at what can and cannot be installed on corporate laptops, the same is not true of smartphones. There are now tens of thousands of apps for phones like the iPhone and Android, and while they do have to go through an approval purpose, it won’t be your corporate one.

I have recently been involved in writing security policies for a number of companies and it becomes very apparent as to the need for up-to-date polices coupled with a suitable education programme. Technology is moving rapidly and care needs to be taken to protect corporate data wherever it is and however it is accessed. Updates to policies are worthless if they are not effectively communicated – this is a case in point – updating the policy on downloading apps won’t stop people from doing it if they don’t know about it. If you have technology to prevent inappropriate apps from being installed on smartphones, great – if not, then you need to remind staff of some of the dangers of just downloading and installing apps from the web.

Cyber criminals go after the low hanging fruit and the smartphone is just that – a simple way into a person’s life and potentially the corporate network.

Guy Bunker


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