See You In Prague…

Guy Bunker

Just a quick reminder that it’s the Cloud Computing Conference next week in Prague and my session is on The Darker Sides of Cloud Computing: Security and Availability. Cloud computing is definitely the buzzword for 2009 and so it will be great to hear other peoples’ opinions along with some practical advice. See you there.

Identity & Privacy Forum 2009

Guy Bunker

I’m speaking later this week at the Identity and Privacy Forum in London. The agenda for the two days will no doubt be very thought provoking. I’m talking on Data Sharing and some of the issues we have with keeping the data safe. See you there.


Introducing The Winner Of The iPhone From Infosec


After three busy days at InfoSec Symantec received an excellent response to the research questionnaires. After two extra days, counting in all the entrants, we can, slightly later than expected, announce the lucky winner of the iPhone today as Mr. Keith Christie-Smith. We will be contacting Mr. Christie-Smith to inform him of his prize and thank you to all the entrants who participated – hope to see you there next year!

Glamour At InfoSec 2009

Guy Bunker

InfoSec started today and that can mean only one thing… our Marketing Director, Sara, gets to dress up and provide a little glamour for the Symantec stand.


As for the show… well there are a lot of companies there, lots of old friends and customers. The content of the sessions seems to have been both entertaining as well as informative… let’s see what tomorrow brings… (apart from my session in the Business Theatre – which is not to be missed!)

InfoSec 2009

Guy Bunker

Next week is InfoSec in London and this year it’s move to Earls Court. It’s always a good event with lots of new ideas and the usual meeting up with old friends and colleagues. My main talk this year is on Cloud Security, on the 29th April, and I will be previewing my presentation on the Symantec Stand along with a talk on compliance on both the 28th and the 29th.

See you there.


International Cloud Computing Conference 2009

Guy Bunker

I’m speaking at the International Cloud Computing Conference and Expo in Prague in May. My talk is entitled: “The Darker Sides Of Cloud Computing: Security and Availability” where I am going to cover some of the issues which are not necessarily thought about when picking a cloud service provider. There are going to be some excellent sessions, but I’m sure the ‘hallway discussions’ will be where some great ideas will come out. See you there.


London Technology Fund Competition

Guy Bunker

I’ve been asked to be a judge at this year’s London Technology Fund competition – which should be rather fun. I spend a lot of time looking at new technologies, products, ideas and start-ups and it will be great to see a few ‘local’ ones.

So, if you are based in London, a potentially high growth seed, start-up or early stage technology company and looking for additional funding, then take a look at the competition – there’s a share of £1m investment funding along with training and lots of other reasons to give it a try.


Data Leaks For Dummies Is Now Available

Guy Bunker

My new book, “Data Leaks For Dummies”, written in conjunction with Gareth Fraser-King is now available from Amazon and all good bookstores in both the US and the UK. Many things you will find in the blog, you will also find in the book.

As with all “For Dummies” books, it offers practical advice for everyone who deals in sensitive or confidential information – from the CEO to data-entry personnel (who co-incidently tend to have access to more sensitive information than the CEO!) So, go out and order a copy today!

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US Orders

False Alarm… No Data At Risk After All!

Guy Bunker

With the various stories of web database attacks on security vendors it was only a matter of time before Symantec was approached with a potential vulnerability to it’s website. This happened yesterday…

We take such approaches very seriously and having looked at the details and investigated the approach, found that we are not susceptible to the Blind SQL Injection attack. No information was put at risk at any time.

The upside of reporting potential vulnerabilities is that it forces companies to check on their security – the downside is that the media tends to sensationalise on potential news, write eye catching headlines which when proved unfounded are impossible to retract.

For Symantec damage limitation can be rapidly brought to bear as we have experts who can examine the threat and determine its legitimacy, but for many companies this is not possible. For these companies, it may takes days or weeks before they can clear their good name and in the meantime their reputation takes a massive hit. We live in tough enough economic times without the added burden of sensationalising unsubstantiated claims over security.

The State Of The Datacentre

Guy Bunker

Symantec has just released a new piece of research on the state of the datacentre. While much of the report is what you would expect – do more with less and go green, there are a few interesting indicators in there as well.

70% of companies outsource some tasks primarily in order to give IT staff more time to concentrate on other things and to reduce cost. With all the talk of Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing , this really points to it being a reality today and with increasing functionality becoming available, it will only increase.

Training was also seen as being strategic and 80% see their training budgets rising or staying the same over the next two years. This is good news for all – with training, IT staff can remain up-to-date with the rapidly changing technology and increasingly complex IT environments they are having to work in.

Finally, Disaster Recovery (DR) is also in there with only 42% of people thinking their plan was above average, furthermore there were more than 20% who said it needs work. Given how many natural disasters occur and that companies recognise that 25% of outages are from human error, I would have expected that DR would be in better shape. The introduction of new technology doesn’t help when it comes to keeping DR plans up to date, but it does need to be a part of the consideration when looking at new stuff. After all, if it gives business benefit today and you suffer an outage tomorrow, where does that leave your business?

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