Getflix Review

A Solid Combination Between SmartDNS and VPN Services

Getflix Review

Getflix is an Australian service known more for its Smart DNS prowess, which is why streamers all around the world like it so much. However, included in the Smart DNS plan are VPN capabilities that can enhance the user’s security and anonymity while browsing the web. The Full VPN is, essentially, optional service for paid subscribers.

The Full VPN service includes content encryption through Getflix’s global network, IP address hiding, data protection from external agents, and access to streaming services from other remote areas.

The company advertises its VPN service as a no-logging one, but the privacy policy isn’t very clear about that. Besides, with Australian jurisdiction, people need to know that Getflix isn’t the most private VPN in the industry. It is, however, a dream come true for streamers, with over 200 unblocked channels.

The pricing is reasonable, the streaming options are endless, and the encryption, while not the best, is passable. All in all, the combination of Smart DNS services with VPN capabilities make for an enticing package. Stick with us to find out if it is worth it.

Getflix Pricing

Getflix has five different payment models: the standard monthly plan, the one for three months, one for six, one for a year of the service, and one for two years. That’s more than the majority of VPN brands can offer, and it certainly benefits all budgets and requirements.

The monthly plan costs $4.95, and it comes with Getflix VPN included and 14 free days of the Smart DNS service. You don’t need a credit card to sign up for the two-week trial.

For the three-month package (which has the same offerings like the aforementioned monthly version), users can pay $12.95 and save 13 percent.

The six-month plan should cost $29.70, but the discount takes the price all the way down to $22.95, which is 23 percent off the real price.

The annual payment mode comes in at $39.90: you will save almost $20, or 33 percent if you choose to pay for the full year up front instead of going month to month. According to Getflix’s website, it is the most popular plan.

The two-year plan should cost $118.80 if the user goes month to month, but instead, it checks in at $54.90 (an incredible 54 percent discount).

Getflix accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB through their secure payment gateway.

Interface and Ease of Use

Given that Getflix offers both a SmartDNS and VPN services, there is a clear separation between the two: the former doesn’t need to be installed, while the latter does require the customer to download a VPN client.

The VPN also requires the user to download an open source client to use the VPN protocol. The manual setup may be a bummer for some customers, but the process itself isn’t too complicated. Still, it is not the easiest VPN service to use.

The VPN client per se is very straightforward, and users won’t find anything too fancy or complicated, which is usually a good thing. The customer can customize the service without too much effort.

Getflix doesn’t display the VPN apps, but it does signal the user’s VPN username and password, with additional tutorials and guides to help them through the process of setting them up on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, routers, and others.

Server locations

GetFlix Servers

Getflix is, mainly, a SmartDNS service, so people look for it to help them unblock sites and streaming platforms all around the world. In that sense, the company delivers with the following Global DNS servers:

Australia (Melbourne, Sydney 1, Sydney 2, Perth,) Brazil (São Paulo,) Canada (Toronto,)Denmark (Copenhagen,) Germany (Frankfurt), Great Britain (London,) Hong Kong, India (Pune,) Ireland (Dublin,) Italy (Milan,) Japan (Tokyo,) Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur,) Netherlands (Amsterdam,) New Zealand (Auckland 1, Auckland 2,) Singapore, South Africa (Johannesburg,) Spain (Madrid,) Sweden (Stockholm,) Turkey (Istanbul,) United States (East, Central, and West.)


Getflix has Australian jurisdiction, which means that it falls under the dreaded Five Eyes surveillance alliance that is so feared by privacy-conscious people around the planet. However, you can see in the Getflix website, very clearly, that “there are NO LOGS kept in the network”.

If you go to the privacy policy, though, you won’t find too many details about information kept. The page’s FAQ section talked more about the Smart DNS service (it is, after all, the bread and butter of this particular brand), but again said that it doesn’t “log, archive or track” your DNS requests.


GetFlix Features

More than 200 Supported Channels: One of the best things about Getflix is that it provides unblocked access to over 200 streaming channels from around the globe. Among them are Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Crackle, Flixster, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN Go, FOX Now, HBO GO, Max GO, Showtime Anytime, Sling TV, Watch ESPN, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Channel 4, Sky Go, Australian Channel, Plus7, TVNZ, Star Sports, beIN Sports Connect, CBC, Canal +, and many more.

Fast, secure servers: If you use the Smart DNS service, you will get faster speeds to enjoy the dozens of streaming options you get in Getflix.

24×7, 365-day support: Through live chat, knowledge base, and other channels, Getflix can offer customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Low monthly pricing: Getflix prices are relatively low if you compare them to the rest of the industry, and there are no commitments plus the option to cancel the service anytime.

Netflix compatibility: Users can enjoy the biggest and most complete streaming platform; Netflix, on several servers.

Free VPN for Smart DNS subscribers: the VPN service comes included in all Smart DNS accounts. Installing the VPN services is optional for customers.

Proprietary servers: Getflix owns and administrates its infrastructure of servers around the world, which is better for privacy and security, given that there are no third party agents involved. The entire server network is protected by a firewall and other state-of-the-art security resources.

P2P activity allowed: People can torrent in peace while using Getflix, but only in specific dedicated servers.

Four protocols: Getflix allows its users to implement up to four protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN UDP. The company, in its website, even suggests you the most suitable protocol for your operating system.

Unlimited speeds: While some VPN brands throttle or limit the speed of the users’ connection, that is not the case with Getflix. The bandwidth is also unlimited, and you can switch between servers all the times you want.

14-day free trial: Those that use the SmartDNS service available in Getflix have a 14-day free trial period, but VPN services are not included.


The encryption strength offered by Getflix depends on the protocol that the user chooses. For example, the Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) offers 128-bit encryption, which is almost every operating system on PCs and mobile devices, and is very easy to install. The speeds are excellent, but it is by far the most unreliable when it comes to security.

The L2TP protocol suggested for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android users, is significantly safer and equally speedy. The best one for Windows, though, is the SSTP protocol.

Arguably the best protocol available for users is OpenVPN, which provides a much stronger 2048 bit encryption for enhanced safety and the best speed rates.

Customer Support

Customer support has become a crucial area for VPN and content unblocking services. People need to know that they can not only trust their brand to provide solutions but also, they need them fast.

In the case of Getflix, however, we have no complaints whatsoever. The company has several ways to help customers, and all of them are effective, including a live chat feature. Our experience with it was top-notch: Morgan answered our question in seconds, with a useful link, at a very late time.

The brand also has a vast knowledge base that can answer your question even before you open the live chat window. You can find links for several topics, including General issues (such as, for example, “Why has the service stopped working?” and “Can I bypass transparent DNS filters and hijacking with DD-WRT/Linux routers?”) Common Questions, Common Problems, IP Address Update, and Tips. There are also guides and device setup manuals for each device.

You can also enjoy a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, but that one is not very broad. Direct support includes, besides the live chat window, a ticket system working 24/7.

The brand has a strong presence in social media, especially on Facebook, where it has a support team ready answer your questions in a quicker way than any of the aforementioned channels.

Money-back guarantee

Getflix doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee per se (although there is a small print that clarifies refunds might be possible ‘at the discretion of management’), so that is a negative right there.

However, it does offer a useful free trial for two weeks (14 days,) substantially more than other brands. The testing period is available for the Smart DNS service (no credit card details required), but not the VPN, which means you need to buy at least the monthly plan to try out the service.

Speed and Performance

The slight disadvantages that Getflix has when it comes to privacy and security for not being a full-fledged VPN service are compensated by the fact that being a Smart DNS, the speeds are much better than the average Virtual Private Network.

When it comes to streaming, people’s needs are mainly two: speed, and the ability to unblock content in various sites around the world. Getflix provides both, being able to project unblocked entertainment in the BBC iPlayer, US YouTube and even US Netflix, without much hassle.

Thankfully, we found no leaks whatsoever, of any kind: Getflix blocked DNS leaks, helping identity protection. IP leaks weren’t found.


GetFlix Compatibility

Getflix is highly compatible: you can install it or use it, whichever the case, in most operating systems, platforms, and streaming devices available in the market.

Compatibility extends to Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. It is also suitable for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Roku, WD TV and Apple TV.


Getflix is a streaming-based service that offers satisfactory speeds and the ability to unlock more than 200 channels around the world, including American Netflix, the BBC iPlayer, and some of Australia and New Zealand’s best networks.

It is not the most secure or private service, as it offers a VPN as an add-on to Smart DNS subscribers, but it does apply robust encryption over OpenVPN and has other protocols to choose from. Overall, we think you will be satisfied with Getflix’s streaming capabilities.

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